Benchmark/DFG is a national company headquartered north of Los Angeles CA. What we do
is provide discount credit card Processing Services to retail merchants all over the country.
We are an Independent credit card Service Organization. We make our money by selling Point
Of Sales Systems throughout the country. We offer high paying commission sales jobs for
our  professional sales representatives. Our independent contractor sales reps are among the
highest paid in our industry. Your position is defined as a high income Business to Business  
sales position with commissions ranging up to $1,800.00 +, averaging between $800.00 to
$1,800.00. We are looking for people to make 4-5 sales per month which seems to be a good
company average for us.

One of the reasons we are hiring is that the new Smart Cards are coming out. Ever heard of
Smart Cards? I'm sure you heard the advertisements on TV. Some companies call theirs the
Blue Card. Well, that is a Smart Card. Different banks call them different names, but they are
all Smart Cards. These new cards have a computer chip built into them, which is replacing the
old magnetic strip you see on the back of the old cards. The magnetic strip is being replaced
by the computer chip. Now this is why we are hiring.
If you can picture this, every
merchant across the country is going to have to replace their old equipment with
smart card compatible equipment. Or it's going to be like trying to put a CD in an old 8
Track Player. It just won't work.
According to the Wall Street Journal Chicago Tribune and
other sources it is predicted that within 2 to 5 years, credit cards will be replaced by the new
Smart Card. We provide you with all the related articles from The Chicago Tribune, The Wall
Street Journal, etc. Everything Benchmark/DFG sells is now Smart Card compatible, and our
equipment will read the old cards as well. So one thing we're doing is informing the merchants
of the upcoming changes in our industry. Then we restructure their system. The bottom line is
we sell the new equipment. Now we do that through a series of programs. Lower the
merchant's rates and cut their cost enough to fit the new equipment into their business for less
than they are paying their processor now! We take the money they are wasting on high
processing fees and apply that towards their new equipment which they will own!
It's a
Win-Win for the merchant.

Benchmark/DFG saves the merchant money in two ways:
1) With our low discount rate of 1.69% and 0% on Debits! (National average is 2 to 5%.)
2) By separating Debit and ATM's from Credit Card transactions. Many merchants have as
much as 50% or above in cash or debit sales. That means Benchmark saves the merchant the
difference between 1.69% and 2 to 5% and even more on Debit Card sales! For the average
mom & pop business, that can be between as low as $80.00 a month to $1,000 a month
depending on their volume! That's a lot of money for any small business!

Here's another very important bit of information.
The merchant actually has no money to
spend with you upfront,
because everything we offer is zero down, so he has zero
capital outlay.
For the sales representative, that's good news, because you can actually earn
a commission check between $1,000.00 and $1,800.00 without collecting one penny from a
So you don't have to ask the merchant for money.

Here is how our training works. Typically, most large companies would fly a new sales rep
to their corporate headquarters for a week of classroom training. We don't have to do that.
Through our new and unique training methods, you can learn this entire business right in your
own home! You don't have to go to our corporate headquarters in California! This is done
through the
Benchmark/DFG National Sales Support Website, and through conference
calls and study materials which we send you. We provide your complete sales kit right away.
We teach you every detail from how to say "Hello" to the close. It's very complete and highly
detailed training! This is done right in your own home! Let me give you an idea just how our
training works. Let's say that right now you thought this was a good opportunity and career
choice for you and it would be a good fit and I thought you would do very well at Benchmark.

Here is how you start your training:
After speaking with me either that evening or in the morning, I will send you an introduction
e-mail which would consist of a welcome letter and a link to
Benchmark National Training
and Sales Support Website
, along with your user name, password and detailed instructions
on how to take our training course.

You will have a complete sales kit with your presentation manual, fliers, business cards. and
everything you need to start selling right away!  You will find the training very detailed and
complete. Nothing is left out. Again, we teach you everything from the "Hello" to the close!

Along with your regular commissions, there is yet another source of income available to you
as a Benchmark sales representative.  
That  Is our Advance Capital Funding Program.  
For example, if your customer needs capital to restock his inventory or to expand his
business, your new customer will have the opportunity to apply for cash advancement on their
future credit card business.  The amount of capital they can receive can be from $1,500 to
That pays you and excellent commission of 4.7% which is paid to you

Benchmark/DFG is an innovative company constantly looking for and developing new products
and services that offer very high commissions to add to your sales portfolio. Your earning
potential at Benchmark/DGF is basically limited only by your own desires and efforts. This is
an extremely lucrative position and opportunity for the right person.

This Is Not a Job. This is an independent contractor position. There is no financial investment
required on your part. It is straight commission, but extremely high commissions. Commissions
are paid quickly via electronic deposit into your checking account normally within 5 to 7 days.
You work out of your home or office and are pretty much your own boss.
You have total
freedom in setting your own goals and work schedule as long as you do not
misrepresent the company or make promises the company cannot keep. This position
does offer tremendous freedom. But we are only accepting people that are willing to
work hard and have above average financial goals. Basic computer skills are required
for this position.

We are hiring in all 50 United States, but currently not in Canada.

After reading this Benchmark/DFG company and business opportunity overview, you feel that
you have what it takes to be successful, this is the right career choice for you and are
interested in taking the next step,
just fill out the information under the "Getting Started -
Contact us" section on this website. Then give me a call at 800-646-0626. Leave a
voice message and indicate that you have already read this company overview.
I will be
glad to schedule a brief telephone interview with you at that time.

Have a great day and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Tom MacAdams
National Sales Manager
A Division of First Data

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